Nematec Systems

Nematec Systems

PURETEC Nematec systems are special purpose water filtration systems designed to remove nematodes from the treated water. They are is based on PURETEC membrane micro and ultra filtration.Treated water is pumped at high velocity through the membrane module at a low inlet pressure. The turbulent flow, parallel to the membrane surface, creates a strong scrubbing action that minimizes deposition of solids on the membrane surface. During operation clear filtrated water permeates through the membrane whereas nematodes and suspended solids are removed into the waste line.

PURETEC Nematec can be applied as a polishing technology after conventional nematode removal or as an alternative to the conventional nematode removal method. The polished effluent can be reused for irrigation or discharged into the environment.


Nematodes or roundworms are well known to farmers for the damage they can cause to crops. The name comes from the Greek word “nema”, which means thread. They are usually vermiform, long and slender, but some species are swollen. The roundworm name is due to their round cross-section.Nematodes are typically approximately 5 to 100 µm thick, and at least 0.1 mm and less than 2.5mm long. The smallest nematodes are microscopic, while free-living species can reach as much as 5 cm, and some parasitic species are larger still, reaching over a meter in length. Nematodes are a tube within a tube. The outside tube is the body wall, which consists of muscle layers that serve as a protective layer. The inside tube is the digestive system. The esophagus is the front of the digestive tube.

Nematodes are abundant in the soil and they feed mostly on plant roots. Some species of nematodes feed only on the outer tissue of the root, others penetrate more deeply and some complete enter the host, Their damage may cause plant yield decrease, make it unmarketable and even totally destroy it.

Nematec System Features

  • Excellent chemical resistance and long operation life
  • Treatment of water with high solid loads
  • Clean-in-place unit as standard part of the system
  • Skid mounted units
  • Rapid installation