Water Desalination Systems

Water Desalination Systems

PURETEC seawater desalination (SD) systems are designed for desalinating seawater. They are usually designed for an operation pressure of 5 to 80 bars. Special materials, such as Super Duplex A890 are used for all high pressure pipes and instruments.

The systems are skid mounted, containerized according demand, pre-wired and tested. They address a wide range of requirements and can be customized to meet specific needs.

SD Components

  • Dow high rejection seawater RO membranes of the spiral wound type housed in fiberglass high pressure vessels
  • A filter cartridge housing made of polypropylene wetted parts and equipped with 5 micron polypropylene filter elements
  • A flushing water tank with automatic valves supplied as a standard configuration, and used on shutdown to automatically flush the RO unit with the produced desalinated water.
  • A control panel with an IP55 enclosure, a PLC programmable controller with a HMI interface, level controls,  a motor starter, a selector switch and alarms.
  • Flow-meters for measuring product and reject.
  • A pressure gauge for monitoring system pressure during operation

All components are pre-assembled and tested prior to shipment


  • Pre treatment
  • Post treatment
  • Energy recovery
  • Low energy membranes
  • Containerized systems for lower foot print