Hydro Ion Systems

Hydro Ion Systems

PURETEC water engineering hydro ion (HI) systems provide a cost-effective solution for agricultural irrigation water. HI systems improve water quality and lead to optimal flower growth by creating mist for irrigation and carrying plant nutrients.

Untreated water may create undesired effects, such as:

  • Scale deposits and elevated pH in the soil
  • Stains on leaves
  • Clogging of mist nozzles and trickles

HI systems prevent these undesired effects by lowering water salt loads, eliminating hardness and adjusting pH levels. Maintaining low pH levels (5.5 to 6.5) in water and soil improves solubility of iron and other nutrient elements thus increasing their availability to the plant and significantly improving growth.

Our HI systems combine unique water treatment with pH control. They are used worldwide with outstanding results.

The Process

The hydro ion systems consist of special water treatments that remove calcium and magnesium ions, which cause scaling, from the water, and neutralize undesired sodium bicarbonates. Another desired effect is the release of CO2 from the treated water into the atmosphere of the greenhouse stimulating plant growth.

The process is completed without significant pressure loss and the treated water can be fed directly to sprayers and to drop lines.

After the required output of the HI system is supplied its columns can be regenerated by applying cleaning.


  • Stains on leaves and clogging of nozzles are prevented
  • Optimal water quality with controlled pH is supplied for plant growth
  • Soil life is extended and hydroponic resin is saved
  • CO2 vapor released into the greenhouse atmosphere stimulates plant growth
  • Water is acidified by salt reduction and not by acid addition
  • Low cost efficiency is achieved