Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

PURETEC Water Engineering Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems play a unique role in supplying solutions for water purification and wastewater treatment. They efficiently integrate the most advanced technologies to provide comprehensive water solutions of high performance an quality.

PURETEC systems apply advance membranes and provide as standard PLC control and support skids.

PURETEC supplies a variety of RO Systems in standard sizes of up to 4.0 mgd (631 m3) and larger custom made systems. PURETEC’s team of experienced engineers is available for custom design and application of RO systems at competitive prices.

PURETEC’s RO systems are used in a variety of water purification applications: production of pure and ultra-pure water, desalination, municipal drinking water plants and industrial applications.

Manufacturing & Engineering

PURETEC’s systems include pre-treatment of purified water prior to applying RO membranes and eliminate the need for periodic cleaning of the membranes.

PURETEC systems are manufactured and tested in our advanced facilities assuring high quality control. Installation consists of locating the skid in its place, and connecting power, water supply and the drain. Our systems run efficiently, continuously and with minimum down time,

PURETEC RO Systems Include:

  • Flush and C.I.P. subsystems as a standard feature
  • Single or dual micron filtration
  • A 316 stainless steel or other special material multistage RO pump
  • PVC or stainless steel interconnection plumbing
  • Fiberglass RO pressure vessels (optional ASME stamp)
  • Thin film composite RO membranes with 97%, 99% or 99.5% rejection
  • A pre-programmed microprocessor controller interfaced to all pumps and level controls
  • Flow meters on permeate, reject, and recycle streams.
  • A conductivity meter on permeate stream
  • Valves for adjusting recycle rate, pump output pressure, and backpressure
  • An ultraviolet sterilizer on the permeate output (optional)